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: GPU Zen: Advanced Rendering Techniques
: Wolfgang Engel
: Bowker Identifier Services
: 2017
: 33
: / English

Exploring recent developments in the rapidly evolving field of game real-time rendering, GPU Zen assembles a high-quality collection of cutting-edge contributions for programming the GPU. GPU Zen includes coverage of the areas of geometry manipulation, lighting, general rendering, screen-space techniques, Virtual Reality and general compute tasks.

Table of Contents
Geometry Manipulation (Christopher Oat)
1. Attributed Vertex Clouds by Willy Scheibel, Stefan Buschmann, Matthias Trapp, and J?rgen D?llner
2. Rendering Convex Occluders with Inner Conservative Rasterization by Marcus Svensson and Emil Persson

Lighting (Carsten Dachsbacher)
1. Stable Indirect Illumination by Louis Bavoil and Holger Gruen
2. Participating Media Using Extruded Light Volumes by Nathan Hoobler, Andrei Tatarinov and Alex Dunn

Rendering (Mark Chatfield)
1. Deferred+ by Hawar Doghramachi and Jean-Normand Bucci
2. Programmable Per-pixel Sample Placement with Conservative Rasterizer by Rahul P. Sathe
3. Mobile Toon Shading by Felipe Lira, Fl?vio Villalva, Jesus Sosa, Kl?verson Paix?o and Te?filo Dutra
4. High-Quality GPU-efficient Image Detail Manipulation by Kin-Ming Wong and Tien-Tsin Wong
5. Real-Time Linear-Light Shading with Linearly Transformed Cosines by Eric Heitz and Stephen Hill
6. Profiling and Optimizing WebGL Application Using Google Chrome by Gareth Morgan

Screen-Space (Wessam Bahnassi)
1. Scalable Adaptive SSAO by Filip Strugar
2. Robust Screen Space Ambient Occlusion by Wojciech Sterna
3. Practical Gather-based Bokeh Depth of Field by Wojciech Sterna

Virtual Reality (Eric Haines)
1. Efficient Stereo and VR Rendering by I?igo Quilez
2. Understanding, Measuring, and Analyzing VR Graphics Performance by James Hughes, Reza Nourai, and Ed Hutchins

Compute (Wolfgang Engel)
1. Optimizing the Graphics Pipeline with Compute by Graham Wihlidal
2. Real Time Markov Decision Processes for Crowd Simulation by Sergio Ruiz and Benjam?n Hern?ndez


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