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Illustrate with Photoshop Genius Guide Volume 2 Revised Edition
: Illustrate with Photoshop Genius Guide Volume 2 Revised Edition
: Aaron Asadi (editor)
: Imagine Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 9781785461705
: 2014
: 76.23 MB
- : 180

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the most popular image-editing software around. The appeal of Photoshop lies in the fact that it is simple enough for a beginner to use to re-touch images as well as for a professional who wants to anipulate and add advanced finishing touches to their work. With its plethora of tools and capabilities, its a software that gives the user an infinite level of autonomy and control. Illustrate with Photoshop Genius Guide is written for advanced users who are looking to take their Photoshop skills to the next level. This second volume is jam-packed with new content to feed your creative curiosities, opening with top tips for illustrators from experts in the field, followed by our diverse illustration section. Photoshop also lets you experiment with typography and fonts, so we delve deep into the world of type to show you how to make your text stand out. In the Mixed media section we will teach you how to effortlessly blend graphics and images to create extra dimensions in your art. If you want to re-create the tutorials exactly as they are, dont worry, weve provided everything you need on filesilo.co.uk, along with many extra goodies to use in your own projects.

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