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: Blender Secrets 3 Volume Set
: Jan van den Hemel
: Mandala Motion
: 2019
: 883
: 120+129+105 Mb
: English

Any Blender user who wants to speed up their learning process, and doesn't want to be stuck watching 60-minute youtube tutorials. This with the hopes that their question will be answered at some point. Efficient learning is not only crucial for new users but also for Seasoned pros.
Seasoned pros can't afford the time to watch tutorials and want quick, clear reminders.

Jan van den Hemel is a freelance video creator with 3 years of professional experience making motion graphics in Blender. Working professionally in Blender pushes him to learn valuable new hacks every day. He enjoys sharing these most shortly and practically possible on the Blender Secrets website for the benefit of both the complete beginners and the experienced users.

The Blender Secrets E-book focuses on short step-by-step tutorials. Based on the 1-minute videos enjoyed daily by more than 50k social media followers, with additional steps that couldn't fit in the 1-minute time constraint of the videos. Whether you have just downloaded Blender for the first time or are an experienced user, you'll find many useful
tricks to boost your skills as quickly as possible.


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