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: Quick And Easy Vector Graphics
: Antonis Tsagaris
: PE Press
: 2020
: 12
: / English

The truth of the matter is that you can learn the basics of vector graphics design in about an hour and start putting them into practice straight away. If youve ever dreamed of being able to create

a whimsical illustration for your boys birthday party
an icon set that you can share with the world
an exciting logo for your amazing start-up
a mock-up for that great app idea you had

and always gave up before you even started because the supposed complexity stopped you on your tracks, you need to realize that theres nothing mysterious about all of that. Its a simple, learnable process that Ive distilled down to the absolute basics, so you can get going immediately!

In this book, youll learn

What vector graphics are
What the most common vector graphics programs are
How to get started without needing to spend a penny
The five core skills you need to have to start creating beautiful vector artwork
How to expand your knowledge beyond the basics

With end-of-chapter exercises that I expect you to complete (and send to me) and step-by-step guidance into the tools and concepts of vector graphics software, this is a highly practical book with a solid grounding into the essentials of vector artwork theory.


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