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Foundation 3ds Max 8 Architectural Visualization
: Foundation 3ds Max 8 Architectural Visualization
: Brian Smith
: Apress
: 2006
: pdf
: 569
: 14
: English

In this book you'll learn:
-How to model an architectural scene and create stunning materials that breathe life into your projects
-How to use real-world photometric lights and global illumination to achieve photorealism
-Efficient project workflow and scene assembly
-Tips and tricks for the production environment that would take years to learn the hard way

-How to market your services to propsective clientWelcome to the worrld of 3D architectural visualizations using the most powerful and versatile 3D software package on the planet: 3ds Max. In just the last few years, the visualization industry has arguably become the fastest-growing 3D inddustry, and may soon overtake all others in total number of users. Just as the use of CAD became the norm for nearly all architectural, engineering , and construction firms in the 90s, 3D visualizations have become standard practice today.

"Foundation 3ds Max 8 Architectural Visualization"


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