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When Culture Meets Architecture: Yin Qian
: When Culture Meets Architecture
: DesignMedia Publishing Limited
: 2013
: 271
: 19 Mb

As the most individualized civil architecture, buildings for cultural events are the best stage for architects to practise their dreams, to express their perceptions to architectural art and ambitions. When culture meets architecture, some memories, some scenes or an attitude will find its medium to exist as a real and touchable thing. Besides those architectures that record a history or provide information, such as museum, library, memorial, archives centre and the like, more and more multi-functions cultural centres were built in cities, where people gather together for social event, entertainment, or sports, and they are also the new plaza where people can impress their sense of the city's identification deeper. Selected buildings for culture around the world are included in this book, with an invitation to witness the meeting between culture and architecture.

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