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Modern Gardens and the Landscape
: Elizabeth B. Kassler
: Modern Gardens and the Landscape
: Museum of Modern Art
: 1984
: 124
: English
: 32 MB

In this classic book, now newly expanded, Elizabeth B. Kassler continues to give us what Katharine S. White, writing in The New Yorker, called "some of the wisest thoughts. . .on landscaping and gardening and on how the aesthetics and pressures of our time have affected the modern landscape artist." A new section of works designed after the book's original publication in 1964 shows how attitudes are changing since we have come to realize, over these two decades, that man is not this planet's lord, but a rude guest dangerously out of joint with his natural environment. Rather than reflecting this alienation or concocting meaningless formalities, a sensitive landscape designer can, Mrs. Kassler writes, "make the nature of nature accessible to our awareness and to our sense of lively participation."

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