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Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide to Understanding the 2015 International Building Code, 5th Edition
: Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide to Understanding the 2015 International Building Code 5th Edition
: Francis D. K. Ching, Steven R. Winkel
: Wiley
: 2016
: epub
: 448
: 49.4 Mb
: English

Building Codes Illustrated" is an easy-to-use visual guide to the International Building Code (IBC). This new fifth edition has been fully updated to align with the 2015 IBC, with changes clearly highlighted for quick reference and easy navigation. Expanded coverage includes new information on health care facilities, hazmat occupancies, and the major changes to building height and means of egress. Also included are updated discussions relating to building materials, structural provisions, and interior environments to cover the latest developments and best practices.
Merging the renowned illustrations of Francis D.K. Ching with Steven Winkel's more than four decades of code expertise gives students and professionals a fundamental understanding of IBC development, interpretation, and application. Clear explanations and a graphic-heavy presentation make "Building Codes Illustrated" the complete, user-friendly guide to code-compliant projects.


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