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Manhattan Classic: New Yorks Finest Prewar Apartments
: Manhattan Classic: New Yorks Finest Prewar Apartments
: Geoffrey Lynch
: Princeton Architectural Press
: 2014
: 347.51 MB
ISBN: 161689167X
: 224

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The Dakota. The Apthorp. The San Remo. The names of these legendary New York apartment buildings evoke images of marble-lined lobbies, uniformed doormen, and sunlit penthouses with sweeping Central Park views. Built from the 1880s through 1930s, classic prewar apartments were designed to lure townhouse dwellers reluctant to share a roof with other families. Billed as private mansions in the sky, they promised a charmed Manhattan lifestyle of elegance and luxury. Manhattan Classic takes readers on a lavishly illustrated guided tour of eighty-five of the most coveted buildings in New York. Author Geoffrey Lynch provides capsule historiesequal parts architectural and social history of the most celebrated examples, with anecdotes about well-known residents and essential information about notable features. This gorgeous coffee table book is an indispensible resource for apartment hunters, real estate and design professionals, and anyone fascinated by the grace and glamour of prewar style.


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