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Architecture in Britain, the Middle Ages
: Geoffrey Fairbank Webb
: Architecture in Britain, the Middle Ages
: Penguin Books
: 1956
: 454
: English
: 53.4 MB

In selecting the aspects of British medieval architecture for discussion in this book, the author's point of view has been consistently that of the art historian. While fully aware of the great contribution of the nineteenth-century scholars to an understanding of Romanesque and Gothic construction, this is a twentieth-century approach to the subject. The period covered extends from the seventh century {and the earliest churches) to the sixteenth and the end of the latest and peculiarly English form of Gothic, the Perpendicular. The first appearance of monumental architecture in the great monasteries and cathedrals, the achievements of the later Anglo-Saxon age, the great flowering in the twelfth century, the astonishing precocity of the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, the monastic buildings and great houses are discussed vividly and in detail, and a special chapter is devoted to the revolutionary change in character of the parish church in the thirteenth and later centuries. The book is illustrated with 91 line drawings and 192 pages of half-tones, which fully complement the text.


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