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Apartment Buildings (Architectural Design)
: Apartment Buildings
(): Carles Broto
: Links International
: Architectural Design
: 2009
ISBN: 8489861048
: 229
: English
: 379 MB

As we approach the end of the 20th century, we live in a state of schizophrenia between architecture and housing caused by the new ways of living. From one side, there is a continuity and improvement of the inherited styles. From the other, new arguments focus our attention to environmental factors as well as local materials, constructional and compositional exploration of the facades, which collectively allows us to speak of the beginning of a new architecture. This book explores this residential debate through the analysis of a selection of apartment projects by major architectural firms. Under the diversity of the projects, there lies a common aim in the design of the interiors: to combine rational planning distribution with the best entrance of natural light.

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