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Islamic Spain (Architectural Guides for Travelers)
: Islamic Spain (Architectural Guides for Travelers)
: Godfrey Goodwin
: Chronicle Books
: 1990
: 162
: 25.8 MB
: English

Architectural Guides for Travelers are aimed at the discerning traveler and provide a lively and informative introduction to architectural styles in many different parts of the world. Each of these innovative guides focuses on the most distinctive architecture of a particular country or region, giving a detailed, well-illustrated survey of the buildings most likely to be visited. The introduction of each book sets the buildings in their historical context and explains the development and characteristics of the architecture, as well as giving an insight into the lives of its builders and inhabitants. Photographs, drawings, maps, and site plans, together with glossaries and chronologies, make the guides comprehensive and easy to use. Unique in their focus and fascinating in their subject matter, Architectural Guides for Travelers are an indispensable resource for today's traveler.

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