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Egyptian Mythology
: Don Nardo
: Egyptian Mythology
: Enslow Publishers
: 2001
ISBN: 978-0766014077
: Mythology (Enslow)
: English
: pdf
: 11,1 mb
: 128, il.

The chapters that follow cover eight individual myths beginning with "The Creation of the Gods and Humans" and ending with "The Shipwrecked Sailor." Some of the retellings read more like folktales than myths, but all are illustrative of ancient Egyptian culture. Each myth is prefaced by an introduction and followed by a question-and-answer section as well as one to two pages of "Expert Commentary" that quotes scholarly sources (referenced in endnotes) on the myths. The brief glossary is almost redundant as difficult words are defined in brackets throughout the text.

As with other books in the Mythology series, this one uses attractive black-and-white sketches to depict the more dramatic events.

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