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: Life Hacks: Life Changing Organization Tips & Hacks For Stress-Free Mornings
: Toshiaki Kameoka
: Amazon.com Services LLC
: 2020
: 30
: 10 Mb
: English

For most families, mornings are the most chaotic time of the day. Getting yourself ready and out the door in conjunction with your children is no small feat, and one that often involves lots of rushing around, nagging, stressful conversations and everyone feeling frazzled.
But no more!
This book brings you the best organization tips and genius hacks that will make for breezy mornings where everyone is ready to go on time, and most importantly, leaves the house with a smile on their face
A stress-free morning starts the night before (or in some cases, days before) with a little extra leg work. Put in 10 minutes at night and youll save double that in the morning a worthy pay off indeed!


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