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Graph Theory
: Graph Theory
: Frank Harary
: Addison Wesley Longman Publishing Co.
: 1972
: pdf
: 274
: 17,1 mb
: English

There are several reasons for the acceleration of interest in graph theory. It has become fashionable to mention that there are applications of graph theory to some areas of physics, chemistry, communication science, computer technology, electrical and civil engineering, architecture, operational research, genetics, psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, and linguistics. The theory is also intimately related to many branches of mathematics, including group theory, matrix theory, numerical analysis, probability, topology, and combinatorics. The fact is that graph theory serves as a mathematical model for any system involving a binary relation. Partly because of their diagrammatic representation, graphs have an intuitive and aesthetic appeal. Although there are many results in this field of an elementary nature, there is also an abundance of problems with enough combinatorial subtlety to challenge the most sophisticated mathematician.

Earlier versions of this book have been used since 1956 when regular courses on graph theory and combinatorial theory began in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan. It has been found pedagogically advantageous not to include proofs of all theorems. This device has permitted the inclusion of more theorems than would otherwise have been possible. The book can thus be used as a text in the tradition of the "Moore Method." with the student gaining mathematical power by being encouraged to prove all theorems stated without proof. Note, however, that some of the missing proofs are both difficult and long. The reader who masters the content of this book will be qualified to continue with the study of special topics and to apply graph theory to other fields.

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