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Handbook of Algebra, 6 vols set
: M. Hazewinkel
: Handbook of Algebra, 6 vols set
: North Holland
: 1996-2009
ISBN: 0-444-82212-7; 0-444-5036-X; 0-444-51264-0; 0-444-52213-1; 978-0-444-53101-8; 978-0-444-53257-2
: Handbook of Algebra
: English
: pdf
: 77,2 mb

Algebra, as we know it today, consists of many different ideas, concepts and results. A reasonable estimate of the number of these different items would be somewhere between 50,000 and 200,000. Many of these have been named and many more could (and perhaps should) have a name or a convenient designation. Even the nonspecialist is likely to encounter most of these, either somewhere in the literature, disguised as a definition or a theorem or to hear about them and feel the need for more information. If this happens, one should be able to find enough information in this Handbook to judge if it is worthwhile to pursue the quest.

In addition to the primary information given in the Handbook, there are references to relevant articles, books or lecture notes to help the reader. An excellent index has been included which is extensive and not limited to definitions, theorems etc.

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