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Fundamentals of World Regional Geography, 4th Edition
: Joseph J. Hobbs
: Fundamentals of World Regional Geography, 4th Edition
: Cengage Learning
: 2016
ISBN: 978-1305578265
: English
: pdf
: 168 mb
: 552

To appreciate how our complex world works today, it is vital to have a solid grounding in the environmental, cultural, historic, economic, and geopolitical contexts of the worlds regions and nations. Fundamentals of World Regional Geography establishes that foundation and offers you an opportunity to explore the events, issues, and landscapes of the world in more derail.

Whether you use a traditional printed text or all digital MindTap alternative, it's never been easier to better understand the eight world regions, including the historical, cultural, economic, political, and physical aspects that create regional unity, give them personality, and make them newsworthy.

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