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: Senior's Guide To Canon 1st Edition
: Future Publishing Limited
: 2019
: pdf
: 180
: 143,1

Welcome to the new Seniors Guide To Canon, your essential guide to using your Canon EOS DSLR. It doesnt matter if youre an absolute beginner whos just bought a new Canon camera, or youre a seasoned enthusiast who needs a refresher course, inside youll find all you need to know to really get to grips with your DSLR. With so many seemingly complex controls, menu settings and dials, where do you begin? Over the following pages youll discover all the vital camera techniques you need to master, from holding your DSLR correctly to using the viewfinder and Live View, from shooting in fully automatic mode, progressing all the way to using semiautomatic and manual shooting modes, when youre able to take control of your cameras settings. Hopefully youll have the skills to capture your family, hobbies and more with absolute perfection

Senior's Guide To Canon 1st Edition 2019:


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