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GoPro For Beginners 2016

: GoPro For Beginners
: Imagine Publishing Ltd
: 2016
: pdf
ISBN: 1785463667
: 148
: 29,5

Founded in 2002 when director Nick Woodman noticed a gap in the market, the GoPro range began as a simple way for amateur photographers to capture professional angles of suri ng, mountaineering and other sports, but at a reasonable price. Fast-forward to today and the GoPro brand is ubiquitous in the world of extreme sports and adventurous activities. A plethora of ingenious mounts and accessories ensures that this clever little piece of technology is capable in all sorts of situations, from cycling and snowboarding to a walk in the park from your dogs perspective. GoPro have even provided their own editing software, so you can import your footage and stills, create professional looking edits and then export your creations to Twitter, Facebook and more. Incredibly portable, unbelievably tough and hugely versatile, theres nothing stopping you from grabbing your GoPro and recording your adventures today.

GoPro For Beginners 2016:


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