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The Nikon Camera Book (6th edition)

: The Nikon Camera Book (6th edition)
: Imagine Publishing Ltd
: 2016
: pdf
ISBN-10: 1785463659
ISBN-13: 978-1785463655
: 180
: 43,5

Photography is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and with Nikon leading the way in terms of technology and innovation, its no wonder that its cameras are trusted by so many photographers. Although many other brands try to nibble at the market share, year on year Nikon remains a heavyweight contender, with a catalogue of cameras ranging from point-and-shoot compacts to professional DSLRs. The Nikon Camera Book is the ultimate guide to getting the most from your Nikon, and in this new edition, we will show you everything you need to know about your model. From the newest cameras and lenses on the market, to the accessories that will make your life easier, youll discover which one suits your needs best. We take you through advanced shooting techniques across a range of photographic genres, such as creating atmospheric landscapes and working wonders with macro. And we finish with essential advice on editing your Nikon-captured images, to give your photos that final touch for maximum impact.

The Nikon Camera Book (6th edition):

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