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Lighting the Nude
: Alex Larg
: Lighting the Nude
: Rockport Publishers
: 2003
: English
: pdf
: 12 mb
: 210

From the very earliest days of photography, and indeed from the earliest days of representational art, the portrayal of the nude and partially nude human form has exercised an enduring fascination. By the early 1850s there were numerous daguerreotypists in Paris in particular who were noted for their photography of the nude: Auguste Bellocq, Bruno Braquehais, Jean-Louis-Marie-Eugene Durieu, F. Jacques Moulin, Louis Camille d'Olivier and more.

The lighting drawings in this book are intended as a guide to the lighting set-up rather than as absolutely accurate diagrams. Part of this is due to the variation in the photographers' own drawings, but part of it is also due to the need to represent complex set-ups in a way which would not be needlessly confusing.

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