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: Laura Marcus, Peter Nicholls
: The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century English Literature
: Cambridge University Press
: 2012
ISBN: 9781107609488; 1107609488
: The New Cambridge History of English Literature
: English
: pdf
: 14,6 mb
: 897

As the first Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century English Literature, this volume has a difficult brief. The last century has yet to compose itself definitively as a period, and this volume has to reckon with the fact that the concluding phases of the century will often prompt provisional comment rather than a sense of summative closure. The volume also covers a period in which questions of history and nation are particularly volatile, and while taking its place in an extended series of literary histories, recognises that for its precursors English has generally been a less contentious term than it is now. In this History, Englishness is not merely a given attribute of the literature under discussion, but a cultural condition in which complex questions of identity and location are constantly at stake.

Covering the complete range of writing in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, this volume also explores the impact of writing from the former colonies on English literature of the period. It analyzes the ways in which conventional literary genres were influenced by the cultural technologies of radio, cinema and television.

This work is of major importance to anyone concerned with twentieth-century literature, its cultural context and its relation to the contemporary.


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