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: Loves Me, Loves Me Not: The Hidden Language of Flowers
: Peter Loewer
: Skyhorse Publishing
: 2018
ISBN: 9781510727861
: epub
: 112
: 15,1 mb
: English

Welcome to the mysterious and sometimes scandalous world of the language of flowers. Since the days of Queen Victoria (and earlier the harems of the Middle East) flowers have allowed lovers and friends to express themselves without saying a word. In Loves Me, Loves Me Not, author and illustrator Peter Loewer explores the fascinating history of floral messages. In this book you'll find intriguing plant lore, unexpected historical connections, or simply an opportunity to connect with a beloved in a unique way.

Confess unrequited love with a daffodil.
Show happiness with primroses.
Wish someone luck with a four-leaf clover.
Make your declaration of love not with a rose, but with a tulip!

With intriguing stories and stunning full-color illustrations, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, introduces you to flowers that have been conveying message for centuries. As Loewer says: "The language of flowers is a delightful idea. In the world of cell phones and mass communications, sending a simple bouquet that tells a tale of love and affection seems to be a great idea whose time has come again."


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