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: The Syria-Iran Axis: Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations in the Middle East
: Nadia von Maltzahn
: I. B. Tauris
: 2013
: pdf
: 284
: 15 MB
: English

Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the close alliance between Syria and Iran has endured for over three decades, based on geopolitical interests between the two states and often framed in the language of resistance. In view of their strong relationship at a state-level, what have Syria and Iran each been doing to foster popular exchange and employ cultural tools to build an image in the other country? The Syria-Iran Axis examines the motivations, content and reach of cultural diplomacy between Syria and Iran to determine to what degree the two partners have been successful in bridging their world views and political outlooks. By analyzing the extent to which a state-directed cultural exchange can foster bilateral relations in the Middle East, Nadia von Maltzahn offers a unique analysis of the formation of foreign policy and diplomacy in the region.


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