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Modernism and the Celtic Revival: Modernism and the Celtic Revival
: Gregory Castle
: Cambridge University Press
: 2001
: 320
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In Modernism and the Celtic Revival, Gregory Castle examines the impact of anthropology on the work of Irish Revivalists such as W. B. Yeats, John M. Synge and James Joyce. Castle argues that anthropology enabled Irish Revivalists to confront and combat British imperialism. Castle shows how Irish Modernists employed textual and rhetorical strategies first developed in anthropology to translate, reassemble, and edit oral and folk-cultural material. Drawing on a wide range of postcolonial theory, this book should be of interest to scholars in Irish studies, postcolonial studies, and Modernism.

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[/spoiler]1. The Celtic muse: anthropology, modernism, and the Celtic Revival
2. ``Fair equivalents'': Yeats, Revivalism, and the redemption of culture
3. ``Synge-On-Aran'': The Aran Islands and the subject of Revivalist ethnography
4. Staging ethnography: Synge's The Playboy of the Western World
5. ``A renegade from the ranks'': Joyce's critique of Revivalism in the early fiction
6. Joyce's modernism: anthropological fictions in Ulysses Conclusion. After the Revival: ``Not even Main Street is Safe''
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