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: Macroeconomics
: R. Glenn Hubbard; Anthony Patrick O'Brien; Matthew Rafferty
: Boston: Pearson
: 2012
: pdf
: 656
: 10,5 mb
: English

Hubbard, O'Brien, and Rafferty realize that most students enrolled in today's intermediate macroeconomics courses are either undergraduate or masters students who are likely to become entrepreneurs, managers, bankers, stock brokers, accountants, lawyers, or government officials. Very few students will pursue a Ph.D. in economics. Given this student profile, Hubbard, O'Brien, and Rafferty's new text presents Intermediate Macroeconomics in the context of contemporary events, policy, and business with an integrated explanation of today's financial crisis. Student and instructor feedback tells us that Hubbard, O'Brien, and Rafferty helps make the link between theory and real-world easier for students!

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