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Prosodic Features and Prosodic Structure: The Phonology of Suprasegmentals: Prosodic Features and Prosodic Structure: The Phonology of Suprasegmentals
: Anthony Fox
: Oxford University Press
: 2000
: 416
ISBN: 0198237855
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: Oxford Linguistics

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Fox's book, the first substantial overview on the subject in twenty years, presents an overall view of the nature of prosodic features of language--accent, stress, rhythm, tone, pitch, and intonation--and shows how these connect to sound systems and meaning.
This book has a number of aims. At one level, it can be seen as a survey of different approaches to the phonological description of the prosodic features of speech, which it is hoped will prove useful to readers seeking a detailed account of theory in this area. In this capacity, of course, it cannot be exhaustive; the literature on these features is vast and beyond the scope of any one book to encompass. Inevitably, therefore, I have been forced to be selective, pursuing only those lines of enquiry which seem to me to offer a significant contribution to our understanding of these features, and especially those which are compatible with the overall conception that informs the book as a whole.

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