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Immortality and the Philosophy of Death
: Michael Cholbi
: Immortality and the Philosophy of Death
: Rowman & Littlefield International
: 2015
ISBN: 978-1783483846
: English
: pdf
: 30,8 mb
: 258

Death comes for us all eventually. Philosophers have long been perplexed by how we ought to feel about death. Many people fear death and believe that death is bad for the person who dies. But is death bad for us, and if so, how is its badness best explained? If we do not survive death if death is simply a state of nothingness how can death be bad for us? If death is bad for us, do we have good reason to live as long as possible? Would an immortal life really be a good human life or would even an immortal life eventually become tedious and make us long for mortality?

This volume presents fourteen philosophical essays that examine our attitudes toward mortality and immortality. The topics addressed have become more urgent as scientists attempt to extend the human lifespan, perhaps even indefinitely. This book invites the reader to critically appraise his or her own attitudes toward death and immortality by exploring the ethical, metaphysical, and psychological complexities associated with these issues.

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