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: Paul du Quenoy
: History in Dispute. Volume 16-17: Twentieth-Century European Social and Political Movements
: St James Press
: 2004
ISBN: 1558624791 (Vol.16); 1558624805 (Vol.17)
: History in Dispute (Book 16-17)
: English
: pdf
: 109 mb
: 448+416

As the world enters not only a new century but a new millennium, the events, debates, problems, ambiguities, controversies, catastrophes, and contradictions of the twentieth century continue to have a profound impact on humanity. When taking this fact into consideration, scholars of twentieth-century Europe cannot escape its negative implications. The centurys destructive power was rarely short of enormous, and occurred on an incomprehensible scale. How can one avoid the fact that more soldiers died in World War I (1914-1918) alone than in all European conflicts over the previous eight centuries combined? Who could fail then to realize that this horror was compounded by the fact that World War II (1939-1945) claimed five times as many lives as World War I?

The studies contained in these volumes will examine many of these transformations, as well as their causes, effects, attributes, legacies, and inevitabilities. They also include chapters that reflect many of the arguments that scholars continue to make in the current historiography. Some of these address broad topics that developed over the course of the century, including issues of ideology, economics, demographics, and diplomacy. Others are specific to individual cases, involving particular nations, regimes, leaders, and events.


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