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Book of Shakespeare 2rd Edition (All About History 2016)
: All About History - Book of Shakespeare
(): Catherine M. S. Alexander
: Imagine Publishing Ltd
: 2nd Edition 2016
: 164
: English
: True PDF
: 42 MB

William Shakespeare has undeniably left behind him a legacy of plays and poems that have not only been enjoyed by millions, but shaped the English language into what we know today. This book delves into the works of this legendary playwright, from his histories, comedies and tragedies to his thought-provoking sonnets. Featuring: His life - From birth to death, learn about his life in Stratford and London His loves - Explore his love of his wife and children and the questions that spur form his sonnets His works - The histories, the tragedies and the comedies and his late plays are discussed His legacy - What has Shakespeare done for us? Find out inside.


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