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The Etruscans
: The Etruscans
: Michael Grant
: History Book Club
: 1997
: 368
: 33.8 MB
: English

Michael Grant takes account of the most recent advances in Etruscology - excavations and research have transformed our knowledge of the Etruscans - and he describes in detail the civilization's political, economic, cultural, and social developments. He considers the controversial question of the Etruscans' origins and underscores the very marked individualities of their powerful, often mutually hostile, city-states. These differences are reflected in their diverse artistic achievements, as illustrated. With the aid of twenty-four maps Grant also relates ways of life in different Etruscan cities to the particular features of their geological settings. Having lived in Tuscany for a number of years, he brings to this study a special warmth and authority.

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