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: #CrimeaIsOurs. History of the Russian Myth
: Hromenko S.V.
: 2017
: pdf
: 226
: Mirknig.su
: 12.6

The annexation of Crimea that caused the largest political crisis in Europe since the Second World War at the same time spurred the unprecedented flowering of political mythology. In 2014, a large number of separate myths and falsified facts gave rise to the so-called Crimea-is-ours myth designed to justify the aggressive policy of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the world. Is Crimea really an original Russian land? Is it true that the Crimean Tatars are all traitors? Was the peninsula really integrated into Ukraine illegally? And what, after all, were the events of FebruaryMarch 2014the occupation of Crimea or the restoration of historical justice? This book gives answers to all these questions.


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