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: Castles and Fortresses
: Robin S. Oggins
: Barnes & Noble Books
: 1998
: 128
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So you thought a man's home was his castle, eh? In fact, it was more likely to have been his fortress. Built as military strongholds by noblemen to protect against enemy invaders and rebellious citizenry, early castles of the 9th century were cold, dark stone bastions. It wasn't until the 15th century that castles began functioning as more lavish living quarters--increasing in size and interior ornamentation. Robbin Oggins's sampling of castles, as well as palaces and castle ruins, makes for an engaging picture book for travelers wishing to explore an era when monarchs ruled and feudalism comprised the economic and social order.
Covering Europe during the Middle Ages, Castles and Fortresses opens with a compact but informative chapter on the evolution of the castle. The book then chronicles the political histories of Europe's various regions and how castles formed according to their military needs. Though the text is a bit general, the book's large color photographs speak volumes. The pictures are bright and crisp, shot from wide and aerial angles, capturing the majesty of these fabled, architectural masterpieces and the lovely scenery surrounding them.


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