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: Saint Joseph of Wisconsin: The Heroic True Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy that Fake News & Fake Historians Dont Want You to Know
: M S King
: M S King
: 2018
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Who was Joseph McCarthy, and why is he, without question, hands-down -- the most widely and most viciously vilified personage in American history? The official version of history -- written by academic operatives serving the same ruling class which McCarthy sought to expose teaches us that the Wisconsin Senator was a nasty bullying brute who dirtied the reputations of anyone who disagreed with him politically. As the story goes, if one was a liberal, the demagogue McCarthy slandered him as a communist and, just like that, an innocent man, or woman, was ruined.
McCarthys mole-hunting came to be known as McCarthyism a derogatory term still used today to describe political slanderers. More than sixty years after his crusade against Red traitors was stopped in its tracks, American school children, who learn very little about history (real or fake), will surely learn about the evil Joe McCarthy and its all a pack of slickly-packaged lies.
The history of Joe McCarthy is a story that absolutely must be corrected not merely for the sake of academic scholarship, but more importantly, because the very same conspiracy so immense that ultimately destroyed McCarthy is still alive and well today and more dangerous than ever.


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