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The Twentieth Century in 100 Moments: The Twentieth Century in 100 Moments
: Akim Reinhardt, Heather Rounds
: Zenith Press
: 2016
: 61,3
: / English

The Twentieth Century in 100 Moments: A Visual History groups and explains the most important events of the twentieth century in the United States, creating a textured, entertaining, and riveting narrative. Images from and ideas about the twentieth century are brought into focus through the following five themes. Triumph: Great and rousing moments that signal achievement and mark monumental accomplishments. Struggle: The hard work and long odds that bring deeper meaning to life. Living: How Americans indulge their spirit of playfulness. Celebrity: The people who have captivated America's attention. Discovery: American exploration and invention.

To present this century is to tell the nation's collective story: the country's changing and shifting world views, common experiences, and discoveries on Earth and beyond, all told with the the century's rich visual imagery, photography, and film that tell the story of who we are.

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