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: Plotting History: The Russian Historical Novel in the Imperial Age
: Dan Ungurianu
: University of Wisconsin Press
: 2007
: pdf
: 349
: 12.5
: English

Balanced precariously between fact and fiction, the historical novel is often viewed with suspicion. Some have attacked it as a mongrel form, a bastard son born of historys flagrant adultery with imagination. Yet it includes some of the most celebrated achievements of Russian literature, with Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, Leo Tolstoy, and scores of other writers contributing to this tradition. Dan Ungurianus Plotting History traces the development of the Russian historical novel from its inception in the romantic era to the emergence of Modernism on the eve of the Revolution. Organized historically and thematically, the study is focused on the cultural paradigms that shaped the evolution of the genre and are reflected in masterpieces such as The Captains Daughter and War and Peace. Ungurianu examines the variety of approaches by which Russian writers combined fact with fiction and explores the range of subjects that inspired the Russian historical imagination. Outstanding Academic Title, Choice Magazine Ungurianu has produced a most valuable work for literary scholars.


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