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The Vikings and their predecessors
: Gordon, Kate
: The Vikings and their predecessors
: Ottawa: National Museum of Man, National Museums of Canada; Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry
: 1981
ISBN: 0660107511
: English
: pdf
: 15,3 mb
: 68

Almost a thousand years ago, the crew of a Viking ship, storm-driven far west of their course, sailed out of the fog and sighted the eastern coast of North America. Although they did not land on the new continent, their reports led to exploration, the establishment of the short-lived Vinland colonies, and an historical link between Scandinavia and the New World.

The present exhibition furthers this connection by presenting to North American audiences a glimpse of the Viking world and that of their ancestors. Its aim is to broaden our view of their vital way of life by placing the Viking phenomenon in its historical and cultural context. When this is done, we see the Vikings, not as marauders suddenly appearing out of the mists of northern Europe in the eighth century, but as an integral part of European cultural growth during the first millenium a.d.

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