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Cortés and the Aztec Conquest
: Irwin R. Blacker
: Cortés and the Aztec Conquest
: New Word City, Inc.
: 2015
: English
: epub
: 10,3 mb
: 154

This short history of Cortes conquest of Mexico is a quick but interesting read. While many modern historians have jumped on the bandwagon of political correctness that brands all Europeans who came to the New World as racist imperialists this book tries to remain neutral and give at least a glimpse of the perspective of both sides.

Neither the Spanish nor the Aztecs were angels. The Aztecs were in fact major oppressors of the tribes they had conquered prior to the arrival of the Spanish. The Spanish were driven not by a desire to relieve those captive tribes of oppressive Aztec rule but rather a desire to gain riches. This book describes in fascinating detail the battles they fought until the incredibly-outnumbered Cortes eventually prevailed.


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