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: Robert F. Heizer, Martin A. Baumhoff
: Prehistoric Rock Art of Nevada and Eastern California
: University of California Press
: 1962
: English
: pdf
: 52 mb
: 414

In the field of the history of art, the last century has seen a whole new dimension added with the discovery of the great galleries of Paleolithic cave paintings in France and Spain (for example, at Lascaux and Altamira). Paintings made by man twenty or thirty thousand years ago are common in western Europe. From more recent times and of a much simpler order (but not less interesting as art) are the painted and engraved rocks of North American prehistoric peoples.

The present work is an attempt to make available to the interested public the known facts of the petroglyphic art of the prehistoric occupants of one part of the arid interior plateau of western North America.

The study presented here is a report on some of the findings resulting from a three-year program of research on the prehistoric Indian occupation of the western part of the Great Basin area.

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