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The Renaissance and the New World
: Giovanni Caselli
: The Renaissance and the New World
: Bedrick
: 1998
ISBN: 978-0872265646
: History of Everyday Things
: English
: pdf
: 17,6 mb
: 48

This is the book which tell the story of daily life from the earliest civilizations to the modern age. This volume and its successor will concentrate on the post-medieval culture of Western Europe as it appears in the everyday objects which people used, the houses they built and the luxuries they could afford. It tells how this culture was taken across the seas to the New World, and what happened to it there.

It is plainly not possible to depict a typical Renaissance or eighteenth-century person in the same sense that one can portray a typical Iron Age farmer or Viking colonist. This book therefore illustrates a selection of people whose ways of life throw light on the society that was developing around them. It also looks beyond England to wherever, in other parts of Europe, people were engaged in new activities, discovering new processes or inventing new tools which altered peoples lives.

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