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Ancient Food Technology
: Ancient Food Technology
(): Robert I. Curtis
: Brill
: Technology and Change in History (Book 5)
: 2001
ISBN: 9004096817
: 541
: English
: True PDF
: 33 MB

A much welcomed synthesis on ancient food production and processing, presenting updated discussions of the kinds of subjects addressed in R. Forbes' Studies in Ancient Technology . Here Curtis draws on archaeological, epigraphic, literary, art historical and scientific evidence in his discussion of the different technologies available to ancient societies, their development and the impact they had on society. This study begins with the Prehistoric period and continues through Egypt and the Near East, the Greek World (from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period) to Rome and the Roman Empire. Subjects include milling, butchery, fishing, storage, the processing of cereals, grain, the production of beer, wine, oil, dairy products and so forth. Each chapter has a summary of the major technological innovations of the cultures discussed, providing a rapid overview of the subject.

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