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: Making Boxes and Chests: Techniques for Better Woodworking
: Nick Engler
: Rodale
: 1994
: 134
: 100
: English

When you set out to build a box, a chest, or a cupboard, how do you join the case to make it as sturdy and stable as possible? If your project will have a lid, how do you fit it to the case? If the piece has drawers or doors, how do you hang them? What size should you make the drawers, and how do you arrange them so the contents are easy to reach?
The answers to all these questions and many more like them are in this book. In Making Boxes and Chests, author Nick Engler discusses dozens of different kinds of storage pieces, or case furniture, and walks you through the types of construction used to build them.
You'll learn how to cut boxes from a single piece of wood, build classic six-board chests, make large storage pieces with framed panels and doors, and create a chest full of drawers.
Over 400 photos and illustrations clearly show every aspect of box and case construction, plus there are plenty of shop-tested tips and inside information to help make your storage project a success.

Making Boxes and Chests: Techniques for Better Woodworking:





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