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Knitwear Design Workshop: Knitwear Design Workshop
: Shirley Paden
: Interweave
: 2012
: 344
: 100 MB

This book explores the various techniques involved in designing handknitted garments with a perfect individual fit. Knitters at all levels who want to go beyond blindly following commercial pattern instructions will fall in love (all over again) with Knitwear Design Workshop, which pays special attention to knitters who would want to design their own traditional garments, stunning works of wearable art, experiment with garment shaping, write commercial patterns, or simply want to understand how to make minor modifications to commercial patterns. Conveniently, there are no prerequisites for using this book; instead, beginning with the first chapter, readers are guided through the different phases of the design process starting with the initial inspiration followed by a summary of the key design elements.

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