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Peterson's egghead's Guide to Vocabulary: Peterson
: Peterson's egghead's Guide to Vocabulary
: Peterson's
: 2013
: epub
: 24.9 Mb

Peterson's egghead's Guide to Vocabulary will help students improve the range of their vocabulary, boost their scores on verbal ability tests, and improve their diction on any writing assignment. With the help of Peterson's new character, egghead, students can strengthen their vocabulary with narrative cartoons and graphics. Along the way there are plenty of verbal lessons and exercises, making this the perfect guide for students struggling to develop their vocabulary.
- egghead's tips and advice for improving vocabulary skills
- Hundreds of vocabulary words students can use to help improve their verbal scores on standardized tests
- Dozens of vocabulary-building exercises with plenty of examples of words usage
- Easy-to-read lessons with fun graphics that provide essential information to help those students who learn visually

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