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Deux mondes: Tracy Terrell, Mary Rogers, Betsy Kerr, Guy Spielmann
: Deux mondes (Student's Edition), 7th edition
: McGraw-Hill
: 2012
: 33.5 Mb
: 525
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Your students are changing. Technology is changing. The idea of the classroom is changing. Now, the way your students learn French is changing as well! In preparation for this edition of Deux mondes, we conducted extensive research, employing a wide array of research tools including surveys, focus groups, and ethnographic studies to identify the key goals and challenges of the Introductory French course. Not surprisingly, communication and cultural competence are top goals of the majority of instructors, while they are simultaneously faced with the challenges of fewer contact hours, budget cuts, and new course formats. Deux mondes, 7th edition, continues to offer a truly communicative approach that supports functional proficiency while responding to these changing needs in new and exciting ways.

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