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: French At a Glance, 6 edition
: Gail Stein
: Barron's Educational
: 2018
: 19
: / English

Travelers to foreign countries constantly praise these pocket-size phrasebooks for their portability, durability, travel tips, and their many easy-to-find phrases that apply to all kinds of travel situations. You'll find approximately 2,500 words and expressions in both English and Italian, plus pronunciation guidance. Each ebook includes: useful bilingual phrases for checking into hotels, shopping, dining, and more; maps, advice on tipping, local customs, and more; travel information, words, and phrases apply for both tourists and business travelers; a bilingual dictionary at the back of the book. New editions of all Barron's At a Glance phrasebooks have been brought up to date with words and phrases pertaining to recent social customs, new idiomatic expressions, recent advances in technology, and more.


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