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: Teach Yourself More German
: Sydney W. Wells
: The English Universities Press
: 1950
: pdf
: 255
: 14 MB
: English / German

If the predecessor of this book, 'Teach Yourself German', has been worked through conscientiously, the student will have acquired a solid foundation upon which to build.
'Teach Yourself More German' is more ambitious and is a great step forward in the study of the German language. It has been compiled with a view to providing the student with an insight into the wealth of literature which the German language possesses. The extracts contained in this book, both Poetry and Prose, cannot, of course, cover the entire field, but the selections chosen are as varied as is possible. The student may not find them too easy, but he should not be discouraged. By careful and intelligent use of the key provided, he will derive great benefit from the literary section, and above all, he will discover that his vocabulary will be very greatly enriched.
Remark : German texts are printed in gothic fonts.

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