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English for Travel: Student's Book
: John Eastwood
: English for Travel: Student's Book
: Oxford University Press
: 1980
ISBN: 978-0194513050
: English
: pdf, mp3
: 137,4 mb
: 126

The course tells the story of a business trip to Athens. Peter and Maria Almar have a shop in Zurich. They visit Istanbul and Athens to buy things for their shop, and they also have a few days holiday in Greece.

English for Travel can be used as a self-study course - you can use it at home without a teacher. (It can also be used with a teacher, and there is a Teachers Guide to help teachers use the course in the classroom.) You must know a little English before you start the course. (You may have learnt some at school or have spent one or two years learning English at evening classes.) There are explanations of the more difficult or important words in each unit (Key Words) and an alphabetical Wordlist at the back of this book (pages 107113). This will help you to find an explanation quickly if you do not know the meaning of a word.

Many words that the traveller needs are different in British English and American English. Both British and American English words are given in the Key Words and Wordlist.

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