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: Vegan Cupcakes: Delicious and Dairy-Free Recipes to Sweeten the Table
: Toni Rodr?guez
: Skyhorse Publishing
: November 17, 2015
: 128
: 16 mb
: English

Cupcakes are in high demand. They are no longer extravagances, but are present in our daily lives. The only problem is that bakeries offering these desserts dont usually offer a vegan selection.

This cookbook fixes this issue by offering more than fifty vegan recipes to make at home. Some are simple while others are more elaborate, but all will satisfy even the toughest palates.

Toni Rodr?guezs recipes will surprise our guests, as the desserts flavor and color are equally attractive. The following are just some of the cupcake flavors included in this book:

Chocolate and banana
Ice latte with caramel
Pi?a colada
Strawberries and cream
Red velvet
Fig and raspberry
Ferrero Rocher
And dozens more!


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