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Todd English's Rustic Pizza: Handmade Artisan Pies from Your Own Kitchen: Todd English's Rustic Pizza: Handmade Artisan Pies from Your Own Kitchen
: Todd English, Heather Rodino
: Castle Point Books
ISBN: 1250147670
: 2017
: 224
: epub
: 83.7 MB

Todd English is a world-renowned, celebrated chef with a long history of great pizza making. The free-form, thin-crusted pies at his Figs restaurants in Boston arguably changed pizza-making in the city, and now he brings his pizza-making secrets to home cooks! Rustic Pizza will give step-by-step instructions on making pizza dough, sauces, and toppings along with Todds insider secrets on how to achieve truly great pizza with a home oven.

For many years, my motto has been Never trust a round pizza. An artisanal rustic pizza, made lovingly by hand, will never be perfectly round like its mass-produced counterpart. That imperfectionthe fact that its a little different every timeis what makes rustic pizza special. And I should know. Ive been obsessed with pizza for a long time. Ever since I lived and worked in Italy, I ate every kind of pizza I could lay my hands on. I went north, south, east, and westall over the country, trying all of the amazing pizzas I could find. From its origins in Naples to newer international influences, pizza is endlessly adaptable and never gets boring. With all of the varied and innovative recipes in this book, I promise that you will never look at pizza the same way again.

Todd English's Rustic Pizza: Handmade Artisan Pies from Your Own Kitchen


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